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In the name of Allah, The All-Beneficent, The Ever-Merciful

 The All-Wise Lord says in His Noble Book:

 “We will certainly test you with a measure of fear, hunger, and a loss of wealth, lives, and fruits…”

 At this time of astonishing turmoil, when the world is struck by the corona disease, and especially as the Islamic Republic of Iran has also suffered from this affliction, the following is expected from the believers:

To be patient and to seriously heed and act upon the advice and recommendations of the Ministry of Health – the main authority responsible for countering this affliction – and of other officials.

Undoubtedly, among the most important factors for being saved from this difficult turmoil are taking refuge in and pleading to God’s Grace, and seeking intercession from the Family of Infallibility and Purity (as).

Attending to the health condition of those afflicted and helping them in every way possible to speed up their recovery and alleviate their suffering is pleasing to God Almighty. Believers are allowed to use half of the blessed portion of the Imam (aj) (Sahm-e Imam (aj)) for this purpose and for preventing people from becoming infected with the disease.

We thank all the doctors, nurses, and all those who are striving to fight this virus with all their heart and soul to ensure the good health of dear people, and we ask The All-Knowing and All-Wise Lord to grant them good health and success,

In addition to recommending forbearance and discernment, we pray for the speedy healing of the dear patients, and for the mercy and forgiveness of the deceased.

 Allah! Relieve this community of this grief.

 Message from Sayid al Sistani.



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Social Media Detox


If you are addicted, you will have at least one of these common signs.

Constantly checking your phone every few minutes,

Always looking around to find Wi-Fi otherwise it feels like the end of the world 

Waking up in the middle of the night to check your social media  

Announcing everything that you do on social media

Anxiously waiting to see how many likes you get is also another sign of addiction.



Low self-esteem

Lack of focus

You become anti-social

Psychological harm such as hurtful messages, humiliating and unnecessary gossip.

Anxiety and depression


Certain disorders and addictions.


Deactivate for a few days and see what happens.

Delete the apps off your phone.

Turn Off ALL Your Notifications.

Block out a set time for family.

Focus on enjoying life.

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