Daily connection with Imam al Mahdi )ATF)

One day Ahmad asked his motherHow can we please the heart of our dear Imam al Mahdi (as) every day?

His Mother replied- “Our dear Imam said that you can benefit from me during my occultation, like benefitting from the sun when it hides behind the cloud. If we do good deeds he knows about it and it pleases his heart.”

Ahmad replies- “oh dear mother, so how can we please the heart of our beloved Imam (as)”

She replied – Firstly say Salam to our Imam when we wake up “Asalamu alayka ya Imam al madhi (as)”.

Second, give some Sadaqa everyday on behalf of our Imam (as) even if it is as small as 20c.

Third– Before leaving the house, before leaving to school or anywhere read Dua al Faraj

Fourth, in your salah when doing dua in qunut read “May Allah swt hasten the appearance of our Imam (as)”.

Fifth – when doing a good deed, such as feeding birds, helping someone cross the road or reading quran etc, do it on behalf of our Imam (as)

Sixth– Say a short Salam again to your Imam (as) before sleeping “Alsalamo Alayka Ya Imam al Mahdi (as)”

Now all day you will be with your Imam (as) and the Imam will be making dua for you all day.


This should be our daily connection with our dear Imam, Imam al Mahdi (as)

Link for video – https://youtu.be/7kNuccDQum0

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